App Development

An mobile App for different mobile operating systems, based on web technologies. The apps can be run on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other platforms.



SISAT The Shoah in Everyday Life at School

Historical Learning with Video Interviews with Survivors in a Tablet-based Learning Environment


TravelCost V2 App

Travel Cost helps share the cost of a group of traveler. It is immediately clear who gets some money back, or who will soon need something to pay. You can use filters for calculate and showing the payments/costs of individuals. The app works without internet connection.

3D Tet - webOS

3D Tet App mobile App

Smartphone Game-App for iOS, Android und webOS. Goal of the game is to complete a layer with blocks without gap which will cause the layer to disappear. With ongoing time this will become more and more difficult as the speed with wich the blocks fall will increase.