3 persons (Adam, Peter, Frank) on a trip to Berlin. The first step is to create a new Travel in the App Travel Cost: Click the plus icon, enter and save 'Berlin'. Then click on the trip and create the three persons Frank, Peter and Adam.

  New travel "Berlin" Click on Berlin add three persons

The travelers go to a coffee shop and each order a coffee. Adam paid the bill. Click on the name of Adam, and then click the plus icon and add the payment. Enter a title and the amount of coffee is €7.50.

Adam paid Coffee  People list

The travelers are now driving the bus to the museum. Peter pay the bus ticket. He also paid €7.50.
You can see on the Travel-View the total payments and Frank proposal could be the next pay (he has €5.00 debit).

 Peter paid Busticket Frank proposal pays

Frank paid admission to the museum. He also paid €7.50.
Since everyone paid the same amount is the balance compensated and no one has to pay something in the travel budget and nobody gets back an amount.

 Frank paid admission to the museum the balance is compensated