Reisekasse IconTravel Cost V2

helps share the cost of a group of traveler.
It is immediately clear who gets some money back, or who will soon need something to pay.


You can create a new travel in the first step.
Give a name of travel, the description is not mandatory.

Next step, you can click on the new travel.
You can add the participants of travel on the people-view.
More people can be added later.

You can now enter the expenses.
Click on a person and then add a new Payment.
If you add a payment you give a title and cost.
Select the participants, if not for all.
All participants of travel are default selected.

Now, you can see the people-view.
The first entry is the suggest for the next payment.

If you go back or start new the application, you can see the travels-view.
On the right side is the total and the person for next payment.

You can use filters for calculate and showing the payments/costs of individuals. For example, one person wants to know, what one other person has spent on them, but you can use the filter. The app works without internet connection.

Reisekasse Pro IconTravel Cost V2 Pro

gets updates sooner and support from the app-developer. You support with the purchase of the pro-version, the further development of the app